Regarding the spoilers/promo for the next episode, I know lots of people are excited/hopeful about Emma(’s heart) being frozen and Killian being the one to save her with True Love’s Kiss, but I think it would be really weird if we just casually got a TLK in the second episode of the season… it’s…

That’s also how I see it. My only hope for CS in this episode it’s that when Elsa manage to get Emma out of here, Hook will be here to hug her or take care of her.


Congratulations to everyone who participated in the recent Twitter fiasco. You got Jennifer and Adam’s attention and NOT in good way. Once again the fanatics with their own agenda have made the SQ fandom look ridiculous.




Can we all tweet Jen “Jennifer is my hero”


This should be a trending hashtag. Doing it.


If you’re telling Jennifer Morrison to “shut up” after those series of tweets, you are not the victim. You are the problem. If you had to unfollow people who are sending Jen love after she was attacked, you are not the victim, you are the problem.

Jennifer Morrison did nothing to you and if you think she did, again, YOU are the problem. If you interpret Jen’s words or actions as bullying you, you are not the victim. You are the problem.

That is all.


Please guys send Jennifer a lot of love on Twitter.

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Some people should stop hating on every people (famour or not) that love CS and focus on loving and supporting their own ship.

Because right now you just look like jerks… And your whole fandom looks bad when in fact most of them are probably good people.

Ship and let ship! And most importantly Be Kind

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